Today, patient experience is the differentiating factor between one healthcare provider and another. Healthcare providers bank on analytics to make sense of data and discover methods to drive positive patient experience. Data on socio-demographics, admission, procedures performed, discharge, re-admission and insurance coverage (including what is paid by the insurance company and what’s borne by the patient themselves) are required to arrive at actionable insights.

Patient information and medical records can successfully be transferred into an electronic form so that it is complete, verified, secure and accessible. Relevant data should be made available quickly so that a timely analysis can be done, and important decisions can be taken without any time lag.

Physicians can also use analytical tools to –

  • Understand patient behavior
  • Monitor communication with patients about delays (shortening patient queue time)
  • Maintain consistent patient records across all departments
  • Establish a patient portal
  • Capture patient satisfaction levels

In order to deliver value-based care to patients and to significantly enhance patient engagement, healthcare organizations must adopt key strategies, such as:

  • Patient data digitization and analytics
  • Integration of patient experience into the analytics process
  • Standardized decision-making
  • Data governance

ExdionRCM, an emerging healthcare management and consulting provider, brings years of healthcare and technology consulting expertise with the right analytical solutions to make patient care more valuable and affordable. ExdionRCM’s  team of data scientists and subject matter experts are experienced in helping clinicians modernize their current systems with new technological capabilities and adopting analytics as the way forward in enhancing patient experience and outcome.