Seamless Clinical Data flow from HMS to Billing Solutions

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Healthcare service providers, whether a hospital, clinical lab, imaging center, outpatient surgery center or a podiatrist’s office, have unique requirements for using patients data. Despite their best efforts, Healthcare service providers are not able to provide a seamless data flow to patients because of proprietary data structures and software systems. A major challenge service providers face is on the uninterrupted flow of clinical data from Healthcare Management Systems (HMS) to Billing Stations.  

What Is ExdionSG? 

ExdionSG helps healthcare service providers seamlessly orchestrate their data supply chain as a part of their automation and transformation initiatives. ExdionSG pushes data from HMS systems into Billing Systems in a secure, reliable and regulatory way.  The adoption of the ExdionSG  will allow smooth transfer of information between multiple applications. This will make healthcare operations more smooth, efficient, faster and error free.

With ExdionSG a patient’s visit to a clinic will evolve into a smooth and better customer experience. Imagine a patient walking in to the clinic.  A nurse measures a patient’s weight & vitals, which is electronically populated into his or her medical record. Next, the doctor selects criteria for a lab order, and the lab receives it electronically almost instantly. The lab performs the order and electronically populates the patient’s medical record with the results. All this information / data is parallelly & seamlessly going into the RCM applications that enable immediate action on claims submissions. On receipt of payments, it is automatically tracked and updated in the RCM application and in parallel, electronically & seamlessly updated into the accounting systems.

ExdionSG thus will bind all the applications into one seamless electronic information workflow.

With ExdionSG healthcare service providers realize following benefits.

  • High productivity across the data flow is instantaneous and no time lost waiting for data too arrive
  •  Savings in administrative cost. Healthcare service providers employ staff to pull and update data between different systems. With ExdionSG the need for human work is eliminated
  • Error free and high quality Data. Healthcare providers employ staff to manage data uploads which can lead to manual errors and quality challenges. This will be arrested
  • Improved TAT. With ExdionSG providers can realize higher TAT as data now instantly and seamlessly moves between systems

With the emergence of new HIPAA guidelines and legislation, more and more hospitals and clinics are planning to embed themselves into regional healthcare system. ExdionSG will make regional and trans—regional integration smooth and efficient.

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