5 Instant Benefits of Implementing RPA in Healthcare

By: exdionrcm

It’s clear that automation is here to stay and technologies such as Robotic Process Automation  in healthcare will optimize how healthcare providers work. 

Scheduling, physician entry, laboratory tests, revenue integrity management, data collection, electronic medical records, prescriptions and telemedicine systems are just a few of the areas that can be revolutionized by RPA for healthcare.

What are some instant benefits of RPA in Healthcare?

  1. Reduce costs using RPA for Healthcare

RPA for healthcare will empower the healthcare provider to deliver faster services at a reduced cost to patients. Especially for the revenue integrity lifecycle, RPA holds immense potential. 

Several activities revenue integrity staff perform, such as insurance verification, prior authorization, claims administration and follow-up can be automated, eliminating human error. RPA works 24/7 completing tasks faster while saving on costs. The advantages are undeniable – increased accuracy and productivity and lower labour costs.

  1. Increased appointment turnout RPA in Healthcare

Increased turn out is essential for revenue integrity and clean claims tracking. Imagine a patient being sent reminders through email and SMS alerts to follow up on his or her doctor’s appointment in a timely manner. This ensures consistent patient turnout and follow up. These types of automation are low hanging fruit that can enhance revenue integrity and patient care. 

  1. Revenue integrity and RPA in Healthcare

RPA in the healthcare industry will reduce error rates if not eliminate them entirely. It decreases the need for human intervention, so healthcare and revenue integrity staff can direct their energies to more value-added work.

Pairing staff with doctors to strengthen documentation that optimizes billing-related activities such as charge capture can go a long way in supporting revenue integrity. Additionally, engaging patients in financial discussions at point of care and allocating the work to these revenue lifecycle staff to elevate performance of value-based contracts is another easy win.

Rule-based bots and automation services can be programmed to eliminate the need for manual processes, freeing your staff for productive activities. 

  1. Better patient experience with Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare

Robotic process automation in healthcare can help streamline a provider’s front-office making it easy for patient support and revenue integrity personnel to manage and resolve patient queries quickly. Claims processing and revenue integrity are usually laborious processes that require a lot of manual work. RPA solutions in the front and the back-office will enable healthcare providers to offer a higher quality of customer service by optimizing patient care and the revenue integrity process, delivering claims faster.

  1. Increased employee satisfaction with Healthcare RPA 

The healthcare and revenue integrity workforce is one of the busiest if not the most overworked. Assigning talented personnel to tedious, error prone tasks harms employee satisfaction and in turn leads to higher employee turnover. RPA enables healthcare and revenue integrity providers to eliminate laborious, repetitive and tedious tasks by automating them using healthcare RPA.

Automate your Healthcare Service activities

ExdionRCM integrates and automates healthcare activities which allows Urgent Care Centers, Walk-in Clinics and Family Physician offices to realize significant gains in healthcare and revenue integrity lifecycle automation. 

Start optimizing processes across your healthcare and revenue integrity services to gain unmatched effectiveness and efficiency, today.
Learn more about how you can deploy RPA for healthcare.

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