ExdionPP – Payment Posting


Accurately post and reconcile electronic payments to their respective claims. Exception Report is sent to the client for clarification on a pre-determined schedule.

Healthcare Automation

About Client

A rapidly expanding Medical Billing Company in California was exploring technologies to automate their
Payment / Cash Posting process as a solution to the repetitive & time-consuming manual process.
Each batch took up to 24-man hours for processing and additional hours were spent to consolidate the data
during each month. They were facing cash reconciliation problems due to inaccurate postings and
employee attrition.


The Company approached Exdion to discuss possible solutions to address Payment Posting process challenges. Exdion’s team demonstrated an RPA solution, a smart AI-driven BOT, that was able to completely automate the payment posting process of the company. Company executives were thrilled with what they saw and signed up for implementation right away. Exdion deployed the complete solution in just 30 hours (spread over four weeks). The Deep Learning BOT could easily incorporate any instruction changes or updates by the company.


Exdion BOT made a huge impact. Overall process TAT decreased to less than 24 hours. An entire single batch of payments were out in less than 8 hours. All this at a phenomenal 100% accuracy! By deploying the BOT, the company saved 85% of operational cost. For the billing company that meant, no month end hassles and huge cost & time savings.

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