ExdionDC: Demo & Charge Entry


Demographics and Charge Entry Automation

ExdionDC Demographics and Charge Entry automation integrates demographics from a data file and populates the charges into the client’s Practice Management System based on account specific rules.

Integrate demographics from a data file and populate the charges into the client’s Practice Management System based on account-specific rules.

Save manual effort and cost by automating the demographics and charge entry. Transfer data seamlessly between your software applications to populate the respective fields in the billing application. Pending charts are sent to the client for clarification on a pre-determined schedule.

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ExdionDC: The Panacea for smooth Demographic & Charge entries

Client Profile

A South Florida based healthcare service provider was facing a unique challenge on their claims denial front. Incorrect demographic information was leading to high rejection.


Traditionally, a team of CSRs were entering Demographic & Charge data. Incorrect entry of Insurance ID number, Date of Birth, SSN or even extra characters like asterisks were making payer’s systems reject these claims. Information was captured in a patient registration form and then, from there it was entered into a practice management software before finally being transmitted to the payer. Manual entry of demographic and charge data and associated errors stretched the settlement process. On an average the team had to process 500-800 claims per day. Repetitive work & the high load was affecting their work-life balance. The client was facing associates burn out, absenteeism, low adherence to TAT and employee attrition. The client was looking for a solution that could make the Demographic and Charge entry process efficient and relieve associates of the repetitive work process.


ExdionRCM team after conducting an audit of existing work process suggested changes to the workflow. Front office could register a patient with minimal information and populate the patient registration form & insurance information in to the system. ExdionDC, an automated solution then picks up the information submitted and checks for completeness of all demographic and charge information. ExdionDC also captures information from patient demographic profile, client file and charge sheet, scrub through all the claims, checking for multi-specialty charge entry and sends it to the payers. All this now happens through an automated workflow seamlessly integrating the front office and the billing applications thereby eliminating re-entry of information.


ExdionDC’s adoption resulted in:

  • 100% first time right percentage
  •  Reduction of operational cost by 85%
  •  Freeing up of manual labor