The automated revenue integrity solution expressly for acute care centers.

Created by clinical experts for acute care leaders.

Introducing ExdionCA,
an advanced automated CDI
solution designed to
conform compliance and increase revenue.


ExdionCA automated CDI is built on a proprietary, rules-based engine that automatically scans and flags encounters with possible gaps, enabling providers to stay compliant while maximizing legitimate reimbursement.

ExdionCA delivers revenue integrity through two robust applications -- pre-bill code validation and post-bill code audit – to:

  • Improve provider accuracy
  • standardize care across the practice
  • Reduce manual labor and billing errors
  • Reduce denials and claim resubmissions
  • Capture missed charges
  • Confirm compliance

Acute Care centers benefit by being able to identify potential billing errors such as:

•  Under-billed services
•  Over-billed services 
•  Up-coding: Denied or Down-coded Services
•  Services not billed (missed charges)

ExdionCA has helped acute care centers validate existing processes, drive provider education and ensure optimal collections.


EXDIONRCM. Automated solutions for every stage of the billing process.

ExdionRCM provides a comprehensive suite of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions for healthcare providers. We apply Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Data Science to bring robust automation to RCM and Healthcare Management System (HMS) processes. As thought leaders in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) since 2015, our Best-In-Class solutions are based on a firsthand understanding of healthcare. ExdionRCM solutions support system integration and provide actionable insight for educated decision making to enhance business operations and maximize financial growth.

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