What Our Client Say!

“Exdion was able to come through for us in a big way when COVID19 hit.  We are grateful that Exdion was prepared for such an event and we experienced zero interruption in our services.  Exdion remained 100% staffed on all of our projects and even had additional capacity available for us to expand additional coding projects.  Thank you to the Exdion staff, managers, and leadership team for being prepared and organized to continue to deliver positive impact throughout this pandemic, and for always being a great partner.”

VP RCM Operations

Billing company , CO

“We have been working with Exdion for over 3 years.  Their company made a plan and stayed in front of the pandemic.  Our office continued to receive updates on their situation.  The planning showed once their country went into a lockdown.  The workflow was uninterrupted from our end and we never missed a beat.  They have done a wonderful job maintaining productivity and keeping work flowing.” 

President Billing Company

Frankfort, Illinois

“Exdion has continued to provide consistent and stable service during the global Covid-19 crisis.  Throughout the crisis, communication has been clear and forthright.  I have been able to rely on Exdion’s workforce to support my staff and our workload during these unprecedented times.  I appreciate the dedication that everyone at Exdion has to the client and the work.  It truly is a team effort.”


Billing Company, Iowa

“Exdion has done an amazing job for my business through COVID-19. I had to reduce my FTE at Exdion and they never complained, they were quick to respond to this. Exdion has given me excellent customer service and kept me up to date on what is happening in India. They were proactive in moving their employees to a work from home model. The work through COVID-19 has been up to date, and all the charges done in a timely manner even through COVID-19. 

 I highly recommend Exdion to help with your billing services!”

Vice President of Operations

Billing Company, Iowa

 “Dear Exdion,

I trust that your families, friends and colleagues are safe and well during these unprecedented times in our history.  The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the world, businesses, lives and unfortunately some of our very own families and friends. Daily, we are learning new details regarding the impacts that this outbreak is having in the healthcare payer space. Undoubtedly, all business (including ours) is adapting to the new challenges presented by COVID-19. The automation projects deployed by Exdion into our workflows has helped keep us in business. They have worked diligently on our behalf and remained committed to our partnership during this global crisis. With the help of Exdion, PBMS has remained open during our regular business hours and fortified our performance guarantees to our clients.

It is our pleasure to recommend the services of Exdion to any prospective clients that’s seeking a talented, knowledgeable, and tenured partnership.“

Thank you.

Desmond L. Meridian, Chief Operating Officer

Professional Billing & Management Services, Inc. , Modesto, CA 

All of our teams at Exdion have really stepped up to do everything and anything needed to ensure all of our processes continue to run smoothly during this very difficult time.  COVID 19 has truly effected the entire world and Exdion took all of the necessary steps needed at the necessary time to ensure they could continue to provide their services.

I believe that Exdion’s constant communication with all of our managers, unit leaders and account representatives has played a major role in ensuring the flow of data continues with minimal to no delays during these unpresented times.

Payment Posting, PND and Correspondence teams as well as Data Entry and Coding have all tackled different projects at different times to ensure deadlines as well as goals are met, everyone’s willingness and ability to work different projects and change their focus as needed has played a very important part of our success during these times.

Thank you once again for all your hard work.”

Operations Manager, Florida