Automated Revenue Integrity Solution- ExdionCA-UC

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Automated Revenue Integrity Solution

ExdionCA-UC an automated Revenue Integrity solution expressly for Urgent Care Centers; designed to increase Urgent Care Center revenue and confirm compliance. An affordable, subscription-based model guaranteed to deliver an improved bottom line. 

ExdionCA-UC is built on a proprietary, rules-based engine that automatically scrubs and flags encounters with possible gaps. Two robust functions – pre-bill code validation and post-bill code audit– deliver financial value to: 

• Increase revenue integrity 

• Improve provider accuracy 

• Standardize care across the practice 

• Reduce manual labor and billing errors 

• Reduce denials and claim resubmissions 

• Capture missed charges 

• Confirm compliance

In addition, ExdionCA-UC helps urgent care centers validate existing processes, drive provider education and optimize collections. The net? Increased revenue integrity through clearly defined benchmarks and performance metrics.

To learn more:

ExdionRCM provides a comprehensive suite of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions for healthcare providers. We apply Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Data Science to bring robust automation to RCM and Healthcare Management System (HMS) processes. 

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