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ExdionRCM uses Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and data science to automate Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Healthcare Management System (HMS) processes, support system integration, and provide actionable insight for educated decision making. The result? An optimized solution that enhances business operations and maximizes financial growth. 

Our EMR Experties


Revenue Integrity

A comprehensive strategy to assure compliance and optimize revenue using cutting edge technology.

1. Standardize processes, systems and employee practices

2. Use AI automation to reduce manual workflows

3. Deliver a superior patient experience throughout the payment process


Revenue Cycle Management

Use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to efficiently perform any routine task.

1. Achieve accurate, scalable efficiency 24/7/365

2. Identify healthcare claims that don’t meet stipulated requirements, detect patterns and reduce chance of occurrence

3. Use automation for quick, reliable and consistent patient communication


RCM & HMS Integration

Realize significant gains via seamless integration of the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Healthcare Management System (HMS). Completely integrate and automate patient profiles with transcription and coding activities.

1. Improve service delivery excellence

2.Reduce manpower hours

3. Eliminate duplications and errors



Identify relationships that influence business outcomes to develop insight-driven actionable management responses.

1. Automate and integrate disparate systems

2. Drive positive clinical and financial results

3. Track patient health to monitor care after discharge, and help design future patient care plans

ExdionRCM – Automated Solutions

Our solutions cover every stage of the billing process


An advanced code-scrubbing platform designed to increase Urgent Care Center revenue and confirm compliance


Log into the carrier portals in order to capture the patient’s eligibility and benefits onto a spreadsheet or directly into the billing application


Integrate demographics from a data file and populate the charges into the client’s Practice Management System based on account specific rules

Capture and Record claims status from the carrier portals. Download and save EOBs to the client’s Practice Management System
process flow

Accurately post and reconcile electronic payments to their respective clients


Prepare and send denied claims appeal letters using auto-generated templates along with supporting documents