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The Automated Revenue Integrity Solution

Are the 2021 E/M coding changes causing you anxiety? We have your back!

ExdionCA has been incorporating MDM for E/M coding from inception.

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Automate Revenue Integrity

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ExdionCA – A Revenue Integrity Solution through Automated CDI

Confirm Compliance and Increase Revenue

Created by clinical and RCM experts for today’s leaders in Urgent Care Centers, Walk-in Clinics and Family Physician offices.


ExdionCA automated CDI is built on a proprietary, rules-based engine which scans encounters and flags with possible gaps, enabling practitioners to stay compliant while maximizing legitimate reimbursement.

ExdionCA delivers revenue integrity through two robust applications – pre-bill code validation and post-bill code audit to:

  • Capture missed revenue 
  • Confirm documentation compliance
  • Decrease manual labor and billing errors
  • Reduce denials and claim resubmissions
  • Optimize collections
  • Validate existing processes

Additional value ExdionCA delivers to the Acute Care centers:

  • Improve provider accuracy
  • Drive provider education
  • Standardize care across the practice
  • Increase Revenue Integrity

And Ultimately Promote Patient satisfaction

ExdionCA has helped acute care centers validate existing processes, drive provider education and ensure optimal collections.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Optimization

Our solutions cover every stage of the billing process

RCM & HMS Integrations

Completely integrate and automate patient profiles with transcription and coding activities. Realize significant gains via seamless integration.

RCM Automations​

A comprehensive strategy to assure compliance using cutting edge technology.

RCM Services

Use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Revenue Cycle Management.

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Identify relationships that influence outcomes to develop insight-driven actionable management responses.




“Exdion was able to come through for us in a big way when COVID19 hit. We are grateful that Exdion was prepared for such an event and we experienced zero interruption in our services. Exdion remained 100% staffed on all of our projects and even had additional capacity available for us to expand additional coding projects. Thank you to the Exdion staff, managers, and leadership team for being prepared and organized to continue to deliver positive impact throughout this pandemic, and for always being a great partner.”
VP RCM Operations
Billing Company , CO
“We have been working with Exdion for over 3 years. Their company made a plan and stayed in front of the pandemic. Our office continued to receive updates on their situation. The planning showed once their country went into a lockdown. The workflow was uninterrupted from our end and we never missed a beat. They have done a wonderful job maintaining productivity and keeping work flowing.”
President Billing Company
Frankfort, Illinois
“Exdion has continued to provide consistent and stable service during the global Covid-19 crisis. Throughout the crisis, communication has been clear and forthright. I have been able to rely on Exdion’s workforce to support my staff and our workload during these unprecedented times. I appreciate the dedication that everyone at Exdion has to the client and the work. It truly is a team effort.”
President Billing Company

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